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Difference between inclined plate and inclined tube settler

Inclined sawsh plate packing and inclined tube packing are currently used in water treatment in China, and this material brings great benefits to China's water treatment industry. At the same time, the material is also a green environmental protection material, which is a relatively civilized and less polluting production method in modern production. Received praise from everyone. So what is the difference between swash plate packing and inclined tube packing?
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The swash plate filter is mainly made of ethylene-propylene copolymer and polypropylene material. In terms of appearance, the sloping plate is a flat sheet, and is a rectangular hole after welding; on the basis of the shallow theory, a sedimentation section with a reasonable sedimentation distance is arranged on the sloping plate, and the geometry of the swash plate is controlled at the lower portion to make the slant The lower part of the plate forms a stable contact flocculation section, and the purpose of separating the flower and the water is achieved by the contact action and the shallow pool sedimentation mechanism; the sloping plate filler supports the inclined plate by different heights of the plastic rib, and the rib and the inclined plate are melted. Welding, multiple rib support is required between each two sloping plates; in terms of service life, the swash plate life is longer than the honeycomb inclined tube.

The inclined tube settler is in the form of a concave-convex sheet, and is a "hexagonal honeycomb shape" hole after welding. It is mainly used for water removal in water intake and drainage projects, industrial and domestic water sedimentation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation and tailings concentration treatment, and can also be used for old pool renovation. The planar joints at both ends of the honeycomb inclined tube settler are to be welded.



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